Homeopathy for Babies & Toddlers

If you’ve ever been awoken in the middle of the night and found your child with a fever, or ear-ache, or illness that you did not know how to handle, you know how scary that can be.

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The emergency room may only be a mile away, but the cost, and the time and fear can be overwhelming.


What if there were a simple solution to empowering you to treat your little one’s right from home, so that they can go back to sleep in 10 minutes, or recover completely by morning, without an ER visit.

This program can be used in one of two ways:

You can dive in and learn it all right away, and hopefully relieve any discomfort you or your family may be experiencing, or you can use it as a handy reference guide every time an issue arises.

Like croupe: you either go stand in a steamy shower, or take them out into the snow, or you take them to the ER. What if there’s a better way?!? A simple home-remedy that allows them to get back to bed. (And you too!)

This program is for mom’s, parents, babysitters, curious holistic practitioners, anyone who’s ready to take health and the livelihood of young children, to a confident, empowered and aware place.

I had a client who was called at work by the babysitter with news that the baby was throwing up. My client told the babysitter which homeopathic remedy to use and the baby was well within moments. She didn’t have to leave work, the baby was not sick when she got home and all of this was possible because of the KNOWLEDGE of homeopathy that she was willing to pursue.

You’ll learn:

*How to select symptoms

*What homeopathic remedy to use for those symptoms

*How to dose you and your loved one’s bodies appropriately

*Where to buy the best homeopathy kits

*How to expand the amount of use you get from your kit

*How to use other techniques to reduce pain, inflammation and discomfort


All this is delivered to you through a comprehensive online program.


You’ll get immediate access to:

*Audio recordings about the homeopathic remedies

(you can download right to your device)

*An easy to use PDF reference guide to support the audio recording

*Guides for Dosing, Symptom Selection and Homeopathic Principles

*Amazing calls twice a month to get all your questions answered

*Recordings of past classes and calls on Homeopathy for Babies and Toddlers.

*Access to a Private Facebook Group “Drug-Free Homeopathy”

You get all this for only $350

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